Start with the end in mind

‘What price would I be happy with?’

‘What skills will my agent need to have in order for me to get a great price?’

‘What systems are in place to ensure buyers are brought to my door?’

Once you’re made your mind up to sell, these are the questions you must ask yourself to ensure you find an agent you can trust and feel comfortable with throught the entire process.

Be very wary of choosing an agent purely based on their fees. Most sellers want a great price when selling, and it is an established fundamental that skilful negotiators and sales professionals, achieve great selling prices.
Good negotiators rarely give big discounts on their fees, and are worth a fair fee if they get you the best market price. The difference between a discount agent and a skilled negotiator is often less than 1%. This 1% can be transformed into 10% more in your pocket at the end of the negotiating process.

Nothing is more fundamental to a successful outcome for you than marketing your home in the correct price range. Every member of the team at cr martin real estate, we will provide you with an honest appraisal of your home based on real comparative sales.

We also know better than anyone else how to generate buying competition, sustain it and then maximize it.
When you list your home with C.R. Martin Real Estate you can be confident we will listen to you, cater for your specific needs and advise you accordingly.

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