Presentation leads to profit

Without fail, a beautifully presented property will sell for more money and in a shorter time frame. Buying a home is an emotional decision, and often the presentation of the home will be the final determining factor in the decision.
We can advise you how to present your property to give you the best possible chance to achieve the highest selling price. Often, it’s only minor redecoration that’s needed to give you major dollar rewards. However, be careful not to overcapitalize when making improvements to your home. What suits you, may not suit every buyer.

It’s important not to confuse improvements with presentation. Because we live in our homes every day, we can easily overlook the simple changes that can enhance the value of our property. The most common mistake vendors make is not finishing off bits and pieces around the home that were previously started maybe months ago.

If your home sparkles, your price will most certainly shine. Always look at your home as though you are a potential buyer. The front garden will be the first impression of your property that the buyer will have. Weeds in the gutters, cobwebs on the verandah posts and exterior timber that needs painting, will give the impression of not being maintained properly. Pay attention to the small things which will create a big first impression.

Creating the right atmosphere will make your home as attractive as possible. Every major item is presented at its best at the point of sale. A new car, is presented in pristine condition under the bright lights of the showroom. Even second hand cars have been detailed and shown at their best. Selling a home is no different.

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